SMS 6000
Measurements > Protocol history
Operation point identification:287100100000
Date and Time (Protocol):22.12.20-11:53:57

Measurements Active alarms
NameMeasurement value
output power-16.1 W
busbar voltage53.5 V
load current (total)-0.3 A
battery current (total)0.0 A
rectifier current/total-0.3 A
plant temperature20.0 °C
battery temperature XX20.0 °C
maximum load power0.0 kW
date - time22.12.20-11:53:57 h
rectifier current 01-0.1 A
rectifier current 020.1 A
rectifier current 03-0.3 A
rectifier current 040.0 A
Alarm not active no active alarms

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